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9640 North May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73120

We offer hearing assessments and hearing aids at our Oklahoma City, OK Hearing Aid Center

The professionals at HearingLife are focused on your hearing wellness. If you believe that you or a loved one has hearing loss, we invite you to stop in for a free hearing assessment* at our office in Oklahoma City. We are located at 9640 North May Ave. If you are running late for an appointment or need help finding us, please call (405) 241-9799.

"I think you need a hearing test. Oklahoma City has a great place called HearingLife" 

Has anyone ever said that to you? If so, make an appointment to discuss your needs with our professionals. We offer tailor-designed solutions, including hearing aids, for people who want to regain confidence that their hearing loss won't impact their relationships. If you have trouble hearing, with hearing aids you can manage more independently, because you heard information correctly the first time.

Providing hearing care and hearing aids for Oklahoma County, Oklahoma and beyond

HearingLife has locations across the US, including right here in Oklahoma. Should you need information on hearing wellness, hearing loss or want to understand more about how hearing aids work, schedule an appointment now.

HearingLife is your source for Oticon and other top-quality hearing aids in Oklahoma City, OK

We know that you have options for your hearing care. That's why the team at HearingLife makes sure that you are fitted with the best product that meets your individual needs and budget. If you have problems hearing, test out the various styles of hearing aids that we offer.  The nuances of sound play an important role to your life. Whether your hearing loss is profound or you have mild loss at high frequencies, we will find the appropriate solution for your needs. Come for a demonstration of HearingLife's latest devices in our location in Oklahoma City to test hearing aids out. We carry many options - including in-the-canal and behind the ear - so you can make an informed choice. 

Get fitted for hearing aids in Oklahoma City, using modern diagnostic equipment at HearingLife

You can count on the professional team at HearingLife to use the right equipment to help you make the right decision. If you have questions about a product, or about what happens during a hearing assessment, we are happy to answer your questions so you feel comfortable. We also welcome you to bring a friend or family member with you for your visit.

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Meet the staff

juliana cormack
M.A., CCC-A, Audiologist Lic. #309
juliana cormack
Juliana Cormack

M.A., CCC-A, Audiologist Lic. #309

Juliana “Juli” Cormack is dedicated to personalized care, as well as building relationships with each individual to improve their ability to communicate, which will improve their quality of life. Juli completed her Master of Arts degree in Audiology from The University of Texas at Austin. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and brings years of experience to the community she serves. Juli has worked in a variety of locations, including private ear, nose and throat (ENT) offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and private audiology clinics, where she provided a full range of audiology services, from diagnostics to hearing aid dispensing and rehabilitation.Juli finds hearing aid dispensing to be the most rewarding aspect of audiology. She believes that helping someone hear better begins with a comprehensive audiometric evaluation and appropriate instrument selection, based on an individual’s needs. This continues with ongoing patient care and habilitation.

richard polhill
Hearing Instrument Specialist
richard polhill
Rick Polhil

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Rick Polhill grew up in Rockford, Illinois. He began his hearing healthcare career in 1978 in the manufacturing sector where he built and repaired custom hearing aids. Rick completed his bachelor’s degree at DeVry University, became a licensed Hearing Aid Specialist, and is Board Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Having worked in both manufacturing and dispensing, Rick has extensive experience in measuring hearing loss and applying today’s sophisticated technology to provide practical solutions. Rick wears hearing aids so he personally understands the associated challenger. Rick is married and has children and grandchildren in Oklahoma, Florida, and Alabama. He enjoys fishing, camping and home projects.