Possible Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

memory loss
Memory Loss

Untreated hearing loss can also impair your memory.¹

conversations lose their joy
Conversations Lose Their Joy
Adults with untreated hearing loss have trouble participating in conversations.²
anxiety and insecurity
Anxiety & Insecurity
Hearing loss can cause you to feel more anxious and insecure.³
Untreated hearing loss can actually make you feel physically tired.4
earning potential
Earning Potential
Your work performance and earning potential can be impacted by untreated hearing loss.5

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The Campaign for Better Hearing is proud to introduce our “Give Back Program”, where we donate $5 for every completed hearing test. Proceeds go to giving free hearing aids to those in need.


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The Gift of Hearing

Hearing loss affects all types of people of all ages. Our Give Back Program provides hearing aids to those that can't afford them. Each story is unique. Every recipient can now enjoy life's precious moments more fully.

We will continue to announce new individuals living across the U.S. who receive free hearing aids throughout the year.

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