Possible Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

Give Back Program

Giving Back to Those in Need

The Campaign for Better Hearing is proud to introduce our “Give Back Program”, where we donate $5 for every completed hearing test. Proceeds go to giving free hearing aids to those in need.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

You can help the Campaign for Better Hearing provide free hearing aids to those who cannot afford them by getting a complimentary hearing test.*

Hearing loss affects all types of people of all ages. Our Give Back Program provides hearing aids to those that can't afford them. Each story is unique. Every recipient can now enjoy life's precious moments more fully.

We will continue to announce new individuals living across the U.S. who receive free hearing aids throughout the year.

January 14, 2022
brianna robinson

Brianna Robinson

Congratulations to Brianna Robinson who received free hearing aids from the Campaign for Better Hearing. Learn how hearing well has improved her quality of life.
January 7, 2022
Arthur Malan

Arthur Malan

Arthur Malan Ogden, Utah Arthur Malan is our Ogden, Utah recipient. Arthur’s story starts with his wife, Jolene, seeking out hearing aids in our office, looking to purchase only those that could be covered entirely by her insurance. Alongside her was Arthur, who also had hearing aids that were purchased five years earlier. Our HearingLife team decided to give him […]
January 4, 2022
Lori Brummett

Lori Brummett

Congratulations to Lori Brummett who received free hearing aids from the Campaign for Better Hearing. Learn how hearing well has improved her quality of life.

3 Ways to Support the Campaign for Better Hearing

Go Bananas at a Live Event

Join us at one of our events to learn more about the importance of hearing health, have some fun and GO BANANAS. Why bananas? Bananas are rich in many nutrients that help our hearing wellness, including potassium and zinc.

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