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Spread the word: Test your ears at 50 years!

Get educated! Learn about hearing loss and the benefits of treatment.

  • Bring a friend to your next appointment. Part of the hearing assessment* includes a test of sounds you hear the most. What sound is more common than a loved one's voice?
  • Accompany your friends. If you have a loved one who seems to misunderstand sometimes, offer to attend his or her next appointment with a hearing care provider as encouragement
  • Learn about how hearing impacts you. Attend a hearing-related wellness event in your community.
  • Protect your hearing and set a good example. Keep the volume down on your television. If you're in the car with the windows down, resist the temptation to blast your music. Use hearing protection when you operate noisy machinery, like a lawn mower, snow blower or even a noisy vacuum cleaner. Better yet—encourage friends and family to do the same.


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