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We are here to help more people hear better throughout Connecticut.

Meet our team

Dennis Hackney
Dennis Hackney, BC-HIS, CDP

Dennis Hackney is Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences (BC-HIS), and has worked in the hearing healthcare field since 2006. He was born and raised in the state of Oklahoma and received his training in Texas. Currently, Dennis has joined the Team at Hearing Aid Specialists of CT (now a HearingLife Company), based at their Southbury, CT office.

Dennis has an intimate knowledge of hearing loss and hearing aids, not only because of his training, but because he too has hearing loss. Due to his personal experience, Dennis has cultivated a passion for helping people achieve the gift of better hearing. Dennis and his wife volunteer on their days off to give back to the community. Dennis will use his talent, care, compassion and uniquely intimate understanding to provide his customers with the very best possible hearing healthcare.

Judy Dunnell
Judy Dunnell, HIS

Judy Dunnell is a longtime resident of Connecticut. She has been practicing as a Hearing Instrument Specialist since 2012. She began her career in the hearing healthcare field as a patient care coordinator, but felt she needed to be more directly involved with helping people improve their quality of life through better hearing. Judy became a Connecticut-licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in September 2012. She has also been a member of the International Hearing Society since achieving licensure.

Judy has experience addressing many different types of hearing problems, as well as working with several different hearing aid technologies. She finds her career extremely rewarding, and looks forward to helping more people hear better for many years to come.

Carol Maksimow
Carol Maksimow, B.S., BC-HIS, ACA

Carol Maksimow is a lifelong Connecticut resident and a Connecticut-licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist since 1990. She is both a Certified Audioprosthologist and Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. A graduate of Fairfield University's The Dolan School of Business, following graduation, she worked in various positions in the electronics industry. She left electronics to start a company in the fitness industry. It was during this part of her career that she had experienced temporary, sudden single-sided deafness (SSHL). When her hearing returned, she decided to change industries and dedicate her career to helping those who suffer from hearing loss hear the best they could using hearing aids. 

Carol, founder of Hearing Aid Specialists of CT, has served the communities in Litchfield and New Haven Counties for over 25 years and proudly joined HearingLife in 2019. A hearing aid wearer herself, Carol has helped thousands of people achieve the best possible hearing by offering state-of-the-industry hearing aid solutions. Carol believes that technology, along with software-based customization for the individual’s wants and needs, helps to achieve maximum performance. 

Carol's hometown is West Hartford. She and her family have been Southbury residents for over 30 years, and she looks forward to serving our communities for years to come. 

Recommended by those who matter most… our customers

Allen B.
HearingLife has been taking care of me for over 7 years. They keep me up-to-date with free hearing tests every year. I have ringing or tinnitus and they help with that condition. They are very professional and I recommend them if you have hearing loss.
Don F.
I have been a client for several years and have received great support. I needed a repair after my puppy found my hearing aids on the nightstand and bit the silicone ends off. I headed for the office, and within a few minutes, repairs were made. Highly recommended.
James W.
My devices gave me my life back! I was overjoyed that HearingLife provided me with hearing aids that were not only comfortable, but allowed me to hear better than I had in years.

Hearing aids in Connecticut

Hearing Aid Specialists of Connecticut offers a wide selection of digital hearing aids and accessories. Hearing aids at HearingLife come with our exclusive HearingLife AfterCare Program, which includes a 30-day welcome program, hearing aid maintenance, online and in-person consultations and much more.

Browse through the most popular hearing aids offered at HearingLife hearing centers.

3 reasons to choose Hearing Aid Specialists of Connecticut


Experts in hearing care
Our hearing care experts conduct non-invasive and painless hearing tests with same-day results.


Quality hearing aid solutions
We offer a broad selection of the latest digital hearing aids from multiple award-winning brands.


AfterCare services
As a HearingLife customer you are entitled to free, non-rechargeable hearing aid batteries, adjustments, cleanings and repair services.
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