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6031 E. Woodmen Rd, Suite 300, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

We offer hearing assessments and hearing aids at our Colorado Springs, CO hearing aid center

The COLORADOHearing, A HearingLife Company team has one mission: to help people with hearing loss reach their full hearing potential. If you believe that you or a loved one has hearing loss, we invite you to stop in for a free hearing assessment* at our office in Colorado Springs. We are located at 6031 E. Woodmen Rd, Suite 300. If you are running late for an appointment or need help finding us, please call (719) 285-4269.

"I think you need a hearing test. Colorado Springs has a great place called HearingLife" 

Has anyone ever said that to you? If so, make an appointment to discuss your needs with our professionals. We offer tailor-designed solutions, including hearing aids, for people who want to regain confidence that their hearing loss won't impact their relationships. If you have trouble hearing, with hearing aids you can manage more independently, because you heard information correctly the first time.

Providing hearing care and hearing aids for El Paso County, Colorado and beyond

HearingLife has locations across the US, including right here in Colorado. Should you need information on hearing wellness, hearing loss or want to understand more about how hearing aids work, schedule an appointment now.

HearingLife is your source for Oticon and other top-quality hearing aids in Colorado Springs, CO

We know that you have options for your hearing care. That's why the team at HearingLife makes sure that you are fitted with the best product that meets your individual needs and budget. If you have problems hearing, test out the various styles of hearing aids that we offer.  The nuances of sound play an important role to your life. Whether your hearing loss is profound or you have mild loss at high frequencies, we will find the appropriate solution for your needs. Come for a demonstration of HearingLife's latest devices in our location in Colorado Springs to test hearing aids out. We carry many options - including in-the-canal and behind the ear - so you can make an informed choice. 

Get fitted for hearing aids in Colorado Springs, using modern diagnostic equipment at HearingLife

You can count on the professional team at HearingLife to use the right equipment to help you make the right decision. If you have questions about a product, or about what happens during a hearing assessment, we are happy to answer your questions so you feel comfortable. We also welcome you to bring a friend or family member with you for your visit.

Other hearing centers offer hearing care near Colorado Springs, CO

We have offices across Colorado. You can also find us in these nearby locations:

Hearing aids in Colorado Springs, CO - 21st St.

Hearing aids atColorado Springs Circle

Please note that we do not offer free hearing assessments at this location and that some special offers and sales may not apply*

Meet the staff

Image show Jennifer Dessel
Au.D., CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology
Image show Jennifer Dessel
Jennifer Dessel

Au.D., CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Jennifer Dessel is a dual-licensed audiologist and a clinically certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She has been practicing for over 14 years and specializes in patient-focused hearing services, including diagnosing and treating hearing loss, tinnitus, balance disorders and
ural rehabilitation.

Image show Kim Welsh
Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA, Doctor of Audiology
Image show Kim Welsh
Kim Welsh

Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA, Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Kim Welsh is a licensed Doctor of
Audiology and has over 30 years of
experience as a professional in the
hearing industry. Her specialties include
tinnitus evaluations, balance disorders
and hearing aid dispensing.

terri ellert
Hearing Aid Dispenser, Lic. #HAD5060
terri ellert
Terri Ellert

Hearing Aid Dispenser, Lic. #HAD5060

Terri Ellert has been in practice as a board-certified Hearing Instrument Specialist for more than 12 years and co-founder of the Hearing Centers of Arizona, now HearingLife.In 2007, after working for a successful Scottsdale-based practice, Terri looked for a community where she could raise her family, know her neighbors and have the ability to make a difference using her talents to improve the quality of life for others through better hearing.Terriā€™s mission is to provide people with hearing loss her personalized service along with the highest quality of hearing devices and accessories at affordable prices.