Virginia Brevik Ziesmer receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Virginia Brevik Ziesmer – Forest Lake, MN

Meet Virginia Brevik Ziesmer

Virginia Brevik Ziesmer came into HearingLife in May of 2019 after seeing an ad on Facebook. She knew going in that she had some degree of hearing loss, but she was eager to find out from her hearing care provider how severe or mild it actually was. Virginia was all smiles while she was demoing the hearing aids, clearly hearing a difference from what she normally hears, but ultimately could not purchase them at that time.

Work-place hearing loss

Virginia’s hearing loss comes from her history of working in loud environments without hearing protection. Between working as a phone operator and at an injection mold factory which did not offer hearing protection for 25 years, her loss became severe over time. Virginia was ecstatic when she learned that she was selected for the Give Back program to receive free hearing aids.

Noise-cancelling hearing aids will help

Currently, Virginia is working at a casino. In this position, she has been struggling to hear people over all of the background noise, slot machines and all. At home, she spends her time with her many children and grandchildren. Virginia is very eager to have better conversations with her kids and to have an easier time hearing at work.

Congratulations, Virginia!