Tomi Lehner receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Tomi Lehner – Northglenn, CO

3/5/2021 12:00:00 AM

Meet Tomi Lehner

The Campaign for Better Hearing is pleased to provide free hearing aids to single mom Tomi Lehner from Northglenn, Colorado. Tomi’s career as a case manager at the Salvation Army’s homeless shelter, Crossroads, means she is constantly giving back to others in need. That’s why it’s extra special that Michael Langer, Hearing Instrument Specialist, and the team at HearingLife in Northglenn, CO were thrilled that Tomi received free hearing aids.

Introvert gets new chance to take part in conversations

“I’d describe myself as an introverted empath,” says 40-year-old Tomi, who loves reading, music and sporting events. “I have adjusted to my hearing loss; being present but not participating in conversations or staff meetings because I can’t hear everything. I feel left out of the loop but don’t want to ask, ‘what did she/he say?’ throughout the conversation.”

By wearing hearing aids, Tomi will rejoin interactive discussions both at home and at work. “I’m excited that I will no longer have to struggle when communicating with my clients, especially as face masks muffle voices and hide lips that I can no longer see to read.”

No more closed captions or blaring TVs

Tomi’s new hearing aids will allow her to stream sound directly into her hearing aids. This means she can get so much more enjoyment from television shows and movies, and one of her favorite things, music.

“I’m very excited to change my life”

Tomi says she’s looking forward to the small things that will make a big improvement to her quality of life. Typically, when she introduced herself to new people, Tomi used to explain that she wasn’t being inattentive if she asked someone to repeat themselves, but that she has hearing loss. “I’m very excited to change my life!”

Congratulations, Tomi!