Rodney Teed receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program.

Rodney Teed – Kennebunk, ME

12/22/2021 12:00:00 AM

Meet Rodney Teed

Rodney Teed is our Kennebunk, Maine recipient. In 2013, at the age of 53, Rodney suffered a stroke that took away his ability to speak, walk and hear. After many years of hard work and physical therapy, Rodney was able to regain his ability to speak and now can walk with the aid of a cane. Unfortunately, he still has some left-sided weakness, slow mobility and hearing loss.

As Rodney and his wife are on a fixed income, our team decided Rodney would benefit from receiving a hearing aid through our Campaign for Better Hearing Give Back Program. While his left ear has profound hearing loss and cannot be aided, his right ear has milder sensorineural hearing loss and can be aided. His hard work and dedication make him more than deserving of receiving a free hearing aid from our team at HearingLife!

Prior to his stroke, Rodney worked for many years at the local Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Rodney and his wife Dinah are an inseparable and devoted team, staying at each other’s side through the ups-and-downs of life. The two enjoy volunteering at the Trolley Museum, as well as taking photos at the many beautiful beaches in their state of Maine.

Congratulations, Rodney!