Richard LoDuca receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Richard LoDuca – Monroeville, PA

Meet Richard LoDuca

Army veteran and great-grandparent, Richard LoDuca recently received free hearing aids from the Campaign’s Give Back program. Prior to receiving the new aids, Mr. LoDuca struggled to hear anytime people spoke to him. This was especially noticeable when there was background noise, people were at a distance or when the speaker wasn’t facing him. Most of all, it was difficult for him to communicate with his soft-spoken wife. After being denied hearing aids through the Veteran’s Administration, and experiencing family hardship, Raphael Ortiz of HearingLife was pleased to nominate Richard.

Giving back to a Vietnam vet

The Campaign is especially pleased to have helped Mr. LoDuca, who is a member of the Honor Guard Post 980. After volunteering, he served as a crew chief on a helicopter. Currently he works as a housekeeping supervisor. After more than 50 years of marriage, his family includes children, grandchildren and even several great-grandchildren whom he loves to see at the holidays. Now when they gather, he won’t have to ask them to repeat what they say.

Congratulations, Richard!