Paul Mesich receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Paul Mesich – Sheboygan, WI

Meet Paul Mesich

Local DJ, Paul Mesich, has been a well-known highlight of wedding celebrations and tailgates in Sheboygan County for decades. Known in his community simply as Boomer, many people don’t know that Paul has recently been suffering from hearing loss. Since he has brought joy to so many people’s lives through music and dance, the Campaign for Better Hearing is pleased to announce that Paul has received a pair of free hearing aids from the Campaign’s Give Back Program.

Working in such loud environments can be taxing on the ears, and without having taken steps to prevent hearing loss, it is no surprise that Paul’s hearing has deteriorated.

See a recent interview with Mr. Mesich in the Sheboygan Press where he describes his experiences before and after getting free hearing aids.

Better gigs with hearing aids

In recent years Paul Mesich has been growing frustrated that he could no longer hear requests at gigs. So, Paul was as excited as ever to put his new hearing aids to use when he worked his first gig after receiving them. The difference was astounding: not only could he finally hear the lyrics to songs, but he could also hear requests and no longer had to ask people to write down song titles as he had before.

At home his wife has been excited for his new hearing aids, as she has looked forward to easier communication with her husband.

Congratulations, Paul. Rock on!