Myra Lathrop receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program.

Myra Lathrop – Vancouver, WA

Meet Myra Lathrop

Myra, who is in her sixties, has been hoping to get hearing aids since her doctor noticed hearing loss in 2017. Unfortunately, she has not been able to obtain them, even though she really wanted them.

Free hearing aids improving her life

How will hearing aids improve her life? She explains, “It had gotten so bad that anyone I talked to always had to repeat themselves. It was very frustrating for me, and the other person. My sister would call me an old deaf geezer. Of course I’d just laugh at her. I have since had my hearing checked. Now I have hearing aids, and can hear very well. It is so wonderful to talk with others, and not have them repeat themselves. I will be forever grateful to Michael Larson, Amanda Richardson, and the team at Audiology Clinic, Inc, for this gift of hearing.”

The Campaign is pleased that Myra can enjoy life more with better hearing.