Mellody Kaiser receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Mellody Kaiser – Elyria, OH

Meet Mellody Kaiser

Mellody Kaiser spends a lot of time communicating with young people. She teaches financial literacy and math to students in 6th to 9th grades at Albert Einstein Academy in North Olmstead, OH. In the past, she couldn’t hear students’ questions well, which made her job difficult.

Hearing aids make teaching easier even as masks cover students’ faces

Over the past months, teaching has gotten more complicated. Between virtual learning and wearing masks, Ms. Kaiser faced extra hurdles. Fortunately, her new hearing aids, which she received free from the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give Back Program, are making a huge difference.

A caring heart

Ms. Kaiser wasn’t just nominated because of her needs. What made her extra special is her caring heart. Dr. Elizabeth Striegl, an audiologist with HearingLife explains, “I nominated Mellody because of her caring heart. She gave up a very high paying job to chase her dream of becoming a math teacher. And the demands of her job demand better hearing technology.” Especially now, when clear teacher-student communication is more important than ever, having the right technology makes all the difference for people with hearing loss.

A technological solution for a lifetime problem

After having chronic ear issues as a child, Ms. Kaiser had been needing better hearing care treatment for many years. This year she is facing the school year armed with a new weapon, technologically advanced hearing aids.

Hearing aids bring joy beyond the classroom

When she isn’t teaching math and financial literacy, Mellody teaches karate. She also enjoys going to car and motorcycle shows.

Congratulations, Mellody!