Maria Desravines receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Maria Desravines – Roseland, NJ

Meet Maria Desravines

The Campaign for Better Hearing is pleased to announce that Maria Desravines has received a free pair of hearing aids as part of the Give Back program. Nominated by hearing care provider, Scott Lemly, from the HearingLife office in Roseland, NJ, Maria was thrilled to be selected by the Campaign. After hearing about her struggles communicating with her family and patients, Scott was happy to nominate her.

A family’s matriarch can hear her loved ones again

As the mother of eight children, Maria now has 19 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Her whole family will benefit from her improved ability to have meaningful conversations and engage with her loved ones of all ages. Maria will also find it easier to work her part time job as a caregiver. (Maria’s patient wears hearing aids, so she is already well-versed in how they work).

Hearing well means living well for Maria

Despite having a busy life, Maria enjoys lots of hobbies. Her hearing aids will help her enjoy all of them even more. When she isn’t working, she enjoys dancing, cooking, watching movies and, of course, spending time with her large family.

Congratulations, Maria!