Larry ONeal receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Larry ONeal – Middletown, DE

Meet Larry ONeal

Mr. Larry ONeal has had a long history of hearing loss, but hasn’t always been able to access hearing care or treatment. For Larry, who is now in his 30s, his impairment makes even basic communication difficult and, in addition to other challenges, hearing loss has made it hard to succeed in the workplace. For the past seven years he was relying on hearing aids that he inherited from a grandparent.

Currently, Larry lives with his grandmother, who helps him communicate as best she can with the outside world. New hearing aids will help ease her burden and hopefully provide him the opportunity regain his independence.

A brighter future with better communication

Larry looks forward to being more independent, now that he will be able to hear better. Better hearing will offer Larry a greater opportunity to succeed in the workplace and communicate successfully on his own.

Audiologist happy to do her part

Audiologist Rebecca Holowka of Hearing Services of Delaware is grateful that the Campaign for Better Hearing was able to help Larry. She explains why this is so important: “Being able to provide him with appropriate amplification is the one thing within our scope that could improve Larry’s situation and ease the worries of his grandmother, his primary caregiver.” She continues, “Improving quality of life through improved communication is our goal for all our clients every day, and when those certain patients come to us without the hope of achieving this, and we are able to go one step beyond and help them find the means, we all benefit in some way.”

Congratulations, Larry!