Larry Denslow receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Larry Denslow – Reed City, MI

Meet Larry Denslow

Larry Denslow has been living with untreated hearing loss since January of 2018. Unfortunately, other immediate expenses forced him to put his hearing aids on hold. Larry is a loving husband, father of four children, grandfather of six, and has seven great-grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his famil, but struggles to join in on their conversations due to his hearing loss.

Larry looks forward to taking part in conversations

Larry was overjoyed to learn he was nominated for the Give Back program. Larry says he’s looking forward to “being able to hear other people and join in on conversations.” In addition, hearing aids will help him follow along in church, and he will rediscover enjoying going out to restaurants when he can hear better.

Hearing aids will help Larry Denslow at work and with hobbies

Hearing better will make Larry a safer driver, both at home and in his job as a truck driver. He will also enjoy his favorite hobbies more, which include fishing, hunting, watching sports and, of course, spending time with his family.

Congratulations, Larry!