Kristina Kershaw receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Kristina Kershaw - Clovis, CA

Meet Kristina Kershaw

The Campaign for Better Hearing is pleased to announce that twenty-three year old, Kristina Kershaw, has been chosen to receive a pair of hearing aids through our Give Back Program. Kristina has had hearing loss since she was thirteen years old, when she was diagnosed with cancer and suffered hearing loss to a life-saving ototoxic chemotherapy drug. In the years since, her health has improved but her hearing has not. Kristina is now a student at a local college pursuing a career in the medical field, all the while working two jobs as an aide and as a line cook to support herself.

Hearing aid recipient highlighted by ABC 30 Action News in Fresno County

ABC 30 Action News captured her fitting. Watch their report which features Kristina as well as her hearing care provider, Jennifer Valdez of HearingLife Hearing Aid Center in Clovis, CA. Jennifer explains:

“Kristina’s a vibrant young woman, who is very smart. She is working two jobs and going to school. That’s why the whole team at HearingLife Hearing Aid Center in Clovis is so pleased that Kristina was picked as a recipient.”

Hearing well helps her succeed at school, home and in the workplace

With hearing aids, Kristina will be able to hear her professors more clearly during lectures, and will be able to take a more active role in classroom discussions. At work, hearing better will help her communicate with her clients and co-workers. And, at home, she will be able to enjoy the voices of her loved ones. For the first time in a decade she could hear her mother whisper.

The Campaign for Better Hearing wishes Kristina the best with her new hearing aids.

Congratulations, Kristina Kershaw!