Keith Deno receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Keith Deno – Albany, NY

Meet Keith Deno

As a nature photographer and hiker, Keith Deno is not afraid of an adventure. In fact, he has hiked all 46 Adirondack High Peaks in Upstate New York. This father of five children is an information security engineer. He is also a fighter. After experiencing a major medical issue at age 26, he has incurred ongoing medical expenses that have made it difficult for him to have access to the type of hearing devices and technology that he needs. That’s why the Campaign for Better Hearing is so pleased he was chosen to receive free hearing aids.

Improving tinnitus

One of the things that Keith has had to face has been debilitating tinnitus. With new hearing aids, he will find relief from the symptoms. He is also looking forward to being more social. Not only has tinnitus caused him to be more introverted, he felt embarrassed about having to ask people to constantly repeat themselves.

Grateful for improved quality of life

“I’m very grateful to the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give Back program for the chance to work with new technology,” says Deno. As an IT professional, he will be able to truly integrate his hearing aids with a variety of devices.

The team at Madison & Saratoga Hearing Center, a HearingLife Company is pleased that the Campaign chose Keith for this unique opportunity to hear well.

Congratulations, Keith!