Jimmy Wells receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Jimmy Wells – Lilburn, GA

Meet Jimmy Wells

Jimmy is 78 years old and has been a patient at HearingLife for more than 13 years. Jimmy worked as a home builder for most of his life, until his wife was diagnosed with cancer and his world was turned upside down. Medical bills began piling up, and Jimmy did everything – including sell his house and spend his life’s savings – to save her life. Unfortunately, she did not make it through the last round of chemotherapy.

Jimmy Wells faces challenges

With nothing to his name, Jimmy moved into the loft above his neighbor’s garage. Although he wore hearing aids, he used a worn-down pair, and one of the instruments was irreparable. Now suffering from macular degeneration in his eyes, Jimmy is no longer able to work or drive. With deficits to his hearing and vision, Jimmy began to struggle with his mental health, eventually falling into a depression.

Being able to hear again brought new light to Jimmy’s world

Considering Jimmy’s story, his hearing care provider at HearingLife’s Lilburn, GA, office nominated him to receive a free pair of hearing aids through the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give Back program. When Jimmy was fitted for the first time, he was almost in tears as he began to get back in touch with the world again. Jimmy was happy and could not wait to see his children now that he will be able to hear them.

Congratulations, Jimmy!