Gary Brown receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program.

Gary Brown - Culpepper, VA

Meet Gary Brown

Mr. Gary Brown has faced many challenges – including raising his daughter largely on his own, and being forced into early retirement. Nonetheless, Gary has managed to help his daughter achieve her goal of a college education. For a while, Gary was able to use inherited hearing aids. They didn’t suit his individual hearing loss needs. Hearing loss took a toll on Gary for quite a long time.

Giving the gift of free hearing aids

Hearing care provider Freda White says, “I know the gift of hearing is very important to Gary and his family. This is why I love my job.” Since becoming a HearingLife patron, Mr. Brown has shared his experiences with friends and family, and referred people from his church family, who have also enjoyed an improved quality of life through better hearing.