Fae Frost receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Fae Frost - Spring Hill, FL

Meet Fae Frost

Recently, hearing aid recipient Fae Frost has had significant medical challenges, which have made it impossible for her to work. In addition, she provides care for her disabled husband. That’s why the Campaign was pleased that hearing care provider Nina Poncia of HearingLife in Spring Hill, Florida, nominated her. Before receiving new devices, Mrs. Frost had older models that didn’t work. Her husband felt like he was always shouting at her. In addition, she was unable to use the phone. Her granddaughter stayed with her for a week last year and Fae couldn’t hear her, so her husband had to “translate.”

Hearing loss limited a very social person

Fae is an outgoing and warm person who, according to her husband, likes to strike up conversations with strangers. Since her hearing loss has become so bad, she has not been nearly as outgoing. “She hates having to ask people to repeat what they said,” her husband reports. “Fae is a strong woman and I have watched as she is being locked out of the world that she used to be in the center of.”

Free hearing aids give new opportunities

Fae loves spending time with family and being around people, and while health concerns have made it harder to get out, new hearing aids means she can regain connections that she was in danger of losing. During the holidays, she will be able to reconnect with her grandchildren. She has already called many friends and family members to let them know about her new hearing aids.

Congratulations, Fae!