Eva Welch receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Eva Welch - San Jose, CA

11/17/2023 12:00:00 AM

Meet Eva Welch

Eva Welch is our newest Campaign for Better Hearing Give Back recipient. Eva has had hearing loss since she was 13 but has never been able to afford hearing aids. Eva also found out recently that she needs extensive dental work, making purchasing hearing aids impossible. We are pleased to give her hearing aids in her favorite color – pink!

“She is such a lovely person who cares for everybody else, it’s time she cares for herself,” says Larisa Limon, the Hearing Instrument Specialist Apprentice who nominated Eva.

Eva is looking forward to being able to hear her daughter most of all. She is also excited to hear better on the phone for her job.

Congratulations, Eva!