Dorothea Baylor receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Dorothea Baylor – Denville, NJ

Meet Dorothea Baylor

Dorothea Baylor has been a patron of HearingLife for more than thirteen years. Dorothea, now 90, purchased a pair of Oticon Syncro BTE hearing aids in 2007, and has been wearing them for twelve years. Although they’ve had a long life, unfortunately the aids have diminished in quality and her hearing has worsened.

Active in the community even in her 90s

Staying socially active lifestyle is important to Dorothea, who lives in northwestern New Jersey. To achieve this, she has devoted her later years to helping people within her community. This involves working as a volunteer for hospice and hospitals and being an active member of her church. All of this involves being able to communicate well, and without good hearing aids it is very difficult to stay social in the way that Dorothea enjoys.

HearingLife in Denville congratulates Dorothea, Give Back Recipient

The HearingLife staff out of their Denville, New Jersey office were excited to nominate such a caring and helpful woman in their community. “We know that with the new technology we can offer, we can help Dorothea improve her quality of life.”

As a Give Back recipient, Dorothea will be able to continue staying socially active and be a joy within her community.

Congratulations, Dorothea!