Crystal Greene receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Crystal Greene – Canon City, CO

Meet Crystal Greene

Crystal Greene started going to HearingLife back in January of 2018. Crystal has congenital hearing loss, meaning she has struggled with hearing loss since she was born. She has been wearing Beltone hearing aids since 2013, but her appointment in January of 2018 uncovered that Crystal’s hearing loss was more severe than she had thought, and that her current hearing aids weren’t meeting her hearing needs. Crystal’s Hearing Instrument Specialist, Mallory, knew that a pair of Oticon OPN S hearing aids were just what Crystal needed in order to hear better. However, she was also aware that it has been a challenge in the past for Crystal to access better hearing aids.

Mother of three can hear her kids again

When Crystal learned that Mallory had nominated her to receive free hearing aids through the Campaign For Better Hearing’s Give Back program, she was overjoyed. Crystal is a mother of three and is looking forward being able to hear better, especially her children and her husband’s voice. On her free time, Crystal enjoys spending time with her kids, riding her bicycle, and helping out in her community.

Congratulations, Crystal!