Claire Odekirk receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Claire Odekirk – Bellefontaine, OH

Meet Claire Odekirk

By all accounts, Claire Odekirk has had an interesting life. As a young adult, she worked for a physician who was a pioneer in chemotherapy. After she married, she stopped working to raise her three children. They moved to Las Vegas, NV, to be closer to her family. Once her children were in school, she went back to work and had a variety of jobs: in healthcare, at casinos and as an administrative assistant for a construction company. In 2001, she moved to Bellefontaine and began working at a boat marina and the Logan County Museum. She currently works at the library, where she enjoys helping people. Her primary focus is on helping her son, who lives with her. Hearing care provider Jennifer Gaver of HearingLife describes Claire as “wonderful, caring, selfless” and a “good Samaritan.”

Hearing loss has impacted her at home and work

Gradually, hearing loss has negatively impacted Claire’s quality of life and her ability to converse with her family, including her granddaughter. Since Jennifer nominated her for the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give Back program, rewarding her with a free pair of hearing aids, Claire is happy that she can now lower the volume on her TV (which she admits will make her children very happy). Most of all, her new aids will help her understand people at work where she has to speak with the public. Still active in her 70s, hearing aids will help her when playing cards and enable her to enjoy music even more, especially her favorite performer, Engelbert Humperdinck.

Congratulations, Claire!