Carol Hannah – San Antonio, TX

8/18/2021 12:00:00 AM

Carol Hannah

Carol Hannah is our Texas Judson recipient for the Campaign for Better Hearing. She has a severe hearing loss in her both ears. She has been aware of this for some time, but has not had the resources to purchase hearing aids. She has been through so many hardships during Covid and eventually lost her own small business remodeling houses, she then struggled staying employed as a waitress due to her hearingloss. We are happy as a team, and corporation to present to her a complimentary pair of hearing aids.

Her mother is a long time HearingLife patient and advised her to come to us for assistance. Her mother saw her daughter’s impaired hearing diminish her quality of life. Carrol is currently taking photography classes and struggles to listen during the lessons on line. She is restarting her business and realizes she has to stand close to workers, clients and contractors to hear them clearly, and she avoids meetings due to her limited hearing in a group or noisy setting.

Carol was overjoyed and grateful when she came to the office to be fit with her new hearing aids. She was amazed that our business had the Campaign for Better Hearing and would assist clients with hardships. She knows this will help her with her new business and confidence speaking with clients.

Congratulations, Carol!