Carissa Bell receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Carissa Bell – Greeley, CO

Meet Carissa Bell

Born with a genetic disorder, Carissa Bell has had to work hard to overcome her challenges, including hearing loss. Now in her early 30s and lacking high-quality hearing aids, Carissa struggled with communication. She couldn’t hear the movies she loves. Fortunately, the team at HearingLife in Greeley, CO was able to fit her with just the right pair for her.

Carissa Bell is ready for the Special Olympics

Ms. Bell doesn’t let her disability keep her from doing what she loves! She has participated in the Special Olympics and is currently training to be part of the next Bocci ball event. Without hearing aids, she wasn’t able to understand what the announcers or coaches were saying. Her new devices from HearingLife will now allow her be an active participant in Special Olympics events.

Improved quality of life with hearing aids

She also enjoys watching movies, but has not been able to hear them with sub-part hearing aids. Being able to finally hear dialogue, music and other sounds will bring new life to her television and movie-watching. Communicating with loved ones will vastly improve her quality of life.

Get the tissues ready: a heartwarming presentation video

When Carissa received her free hearing aids, the HearingLife staff in Greeley took a short video to commemorate the special occasion and to highlight the improvements the new devices will bring to her quality of life.

Congratulations, Carissa!