Bettie Harris-Howard receives the gift of hearing through the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program

Bettie Harris-Howard – Barrington, NH

Meet Bettie Harris-Howard

Bettie Harris-Howard, who has retired from nursing home administration, has been coming to HearingLife for her hearing care for more than nine years. Bettie has relied on hearing aids since 2010. Unfortunately, this summer, one of her devices stopped working, and was out of warranty. Wearing only one hearing aid caused her to have to balance issues, so Bettie had to stop wearing the hearing aid that still worked, leaving her back to where she was in 2010.

Hearing loss impacts her family life

Bettie is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Since her aids stopped working, she has struggled to hear her grandchildren and have conversations with them. She has also realized that she has been missing out on verbal information in life, and wants to be able to get information correct the first time, knowing it will make life easier.

The team at HearingLife, formerly known as Sound Advice Hearing Center, worked with Bettie to pursue other ways to procure new hearing aids, but unfortunately they fell through. When Hearing Care Provider, Kristine Spencer, learned about the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give Back program, she knew Bettie would be a perfect candidate.

Looking forward to an improved quality of life

Bettie is looking forward to being able to have conversations with her grand children and great grandchildren again without asking them to repeat what they said to her. Bettie is active in the community including being on the Planning Board in her hometown, and volunteers to work at the polls on Election Day. We are happy to help her hear better again.

Congratulations, Bettie!