Arthur Malan – Ogden, UT

1/7/2022 12:00:00 AM

Arthur Malan

Arthur Malan is our Ogden, Utah recipient. Arthur’s story starts with his wife, Jolene, seeking out hearing aids in our office, looking to purchase only those that could be covered entirely by her insurance. Alongside her was Arthur, who also had hearing aids that were purchased five years earlier. Our HearingLife team decided to give him a new, complimentary hearing assessment. We fitted the couple with brand-new hearing aids, and the two enjoyed their new devices for over 18 months.

In April 2021, Arthur tried the new Oticon More™ devices. He couldn’t believe how well he could hear everything, especially his wife Jolene’s voice. Arthur signed up for CareCredit and ordered a pair of More 2s on the spot. Unfortunately, later that day, the couple had to cancel the order. Our team allowed Arthur to try out the new hearing aids for a few days for free, but he came back and sadly returned the pair without purchasing. Even though Arthur loved the new ones, he would need to go back to his old pair.

In the beginning of September 2021, Arthur and Jolene came into our office because one of his hearing aids had stopped working. When we told them that a speaker replacement would cost $150, they both sighed and said they couldn’t afford it. Right then, we decided Arthur Malan would be a fantastic recipient for our Campaign for Better Hearing Give Back Program. We wanted to get the smile back on Arthur’s face that he had while trying out the Oticon More.

Congratulations, Arthur!