Alexandra R. – Lincoln, CA

10/12/2020 12:00:00 AM

Meet Alexandra R.

Alexandra is a happy third grader and animal lover who lives in California. She recently received her first hearing aids from the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give Back Program. The team at HearingLife in Lincoln, CA were thrilled that one of their favorite clients was chosen to receive free hearing aids.

Alexandra loves the arts. She’s a talented singer, gymnast and choreographer, and she enjoys remaking songs in her own style. By streaming music into her hearing aids, she will really be able to take her hobbies to a new level.

Hearing loss can happen at any age!

Often, when people first recognize they have a problem, it’s because people around them get frustrated because they have to repeat themselves. In this case, Alexandra noticed changes herself. Not only did she realize she had trouble focusing on her teacher, she also strained to hear her classmates. Classrooms are often loud. So, not hearing her friends was clearly a sign of hearing loss.

How Alexandra’s school accommodates her devices

By using an EduMic to stream sound directly into Alexandra’s Oticon hearing aids, her teachers know that she can hear them clearly. Even when students are being noisy around her, Alexandra will be able to follow the lesson. Her devices won’t just help her in school. Now, she can hear her friends when they play and her gymnastics coach clearly. She will also hear her two older sisters and parents better at home. Plus, when her school has remote learning, she can stream sound from a computer directly into her Bluetooth® hearing aids.

Hearing her favorite sounds

Among her favorite sounds that she used to strain to hear are her family’s animals. Alexandra helps the Ruland family care for their chickens, by gathering eggs and making sure all their animals have food and water. She looks forward to hearing baby chicks’ high-pitched peeps.

Congratulations, Alexandra!