Adora Engstrom Gifted Free Hearing Aids

Adora Engstrom – Atlanta, GA

6/18/2024 12:00:00 AM

Adora Engstrom

Adora Engstrom works for a non-profit organization focused on finding ways to help students adapt to life in college away from their families. A community resource, Adora spends her days listening to the struggles and challenges students are facing. She loves her work but finds it hard to hear students. When HearingLife provider Karin Lockridge met Adora, she nominated her for The Campaign for Better Hearing Give Back Program so she could receive free hearing aids and continue her important work in the community.

“They’re very crisp and clear and it’s wonderful,” said Adora.

Adora’s story was shared by the local Fox 5 News Station.

Congratulations, Adora!