Who is at the highest risk for hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a condition that affects people of all ages, though it’s commonly associated with old age. Hereditary factors, as well as environmental factors can also increase ones risk of developing hearing loss. So, who is at the highest risk of hearing loss? Here are some high-risk groups to pay attention to.

Those with Hearing Loss Genes

Hereditary hearing loss is much more common than you may think. It is estimated that 35-55% of age-related hearing loss is linked to ones genes. If you suspect you may have hereditary hearing loss, ask your doctor about genetic testing.

Those with Certain Illnesses

Some illnesses, such as meningitis, can damage the ear and/or systems within the ear. These damages can result in temporary or permanent hearing loss.

City Dwellers and Those Who Work in Noisy Environments

Construction, streetcars, subways, car horns – noise pollution is everywhere in the city! Also, Noisy work environments, such as those that involve working with big machinery, can put you at risk for hearing loss. Be sure to wear ear plugs and/or other protective gear to reduce your daily exposure to dangerously loud noises.

People Over 60

47% of Canadians over 60 suffer from some level of hearing loss. This is often due to age-related hearing loss. Early detection can help to reduce the symptoms associated with hearing loss such as social isolation and dementia. The Campaign for Better Hearing encourages everyone over 60 to get their hearing tested. To book a free hearing appoint, click the “Request an Appointment” tab at the top of the page.