How can I encourage my loved ones to get a hearing test?

For many people, getting a loved one to take a hearing test is an incredible feat. What do you do when brochures and pamphlets about hearing health are tossed aside by those who need the information the most?

One way around this is to make hearing testing a group event. Those with hearing loss are less likely to feel singled out if they are accompanied by others who are also going to take the test. Also, having someone by your side during a hearing test can provide some much needed support!

Also, try not to get mad, or pester your loved one: trying to force them will only make them dig in their heels. Remember, hearing loss can be an embarrassing reality for some who associate hearing loss with “growing old.” Try to remind your loved one of the things he or she is missing out on and would love to hear again. Gentle encouragement could one day get your loved ones to seek the hearing care that they need.

Finally, take advantage of hearing aid testing. Some hearing health clinics let you test out hearing aid devices, allowing the wearer to compare his or her hearing before and after.

Think about it. It’s easy to notice when you need glasses: your vision gets blurry and text becomes harder to read. But when we lose our hearing, the most obvious indicator is often the one that comes too late: someone else telling you to get your hearing checked! By then, your hearing loss could have progressed far enough to severely affect your quality of life. When someone with hearing loss tests out a hearing aid, he or she has the opportunity to acknowledge their hearing loss and hear what they’re missing.

If you would like to book an appointment for you and/or your loved one, “Request an Appointment” in our header. Be patient with your loved one, but never give up on them. Healthy hearing is an important part of a fulfilling life.