Find an Event and Go Bananas!

Why Go Bananas? Because potassium is crucial to your inner ear. Join us at an event near you.

Bananas and Hearing — A Great Combination

Bananas are rich in many nutrients that help maintain our hearing wellness, including potassium and zinc. Our outreach campaign, Go Bananas, blends the fun with the informative. Find us at your local community fair, wellness program, or healthcare event, grab a banana and do something good for you and your hearing.

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We update our event calendar frequently. If you don't see an event near you now, we may be adding one in your area soon. If you would like the Campaign for Better Hearing to host a table or speak on hearing healthcare, please contact

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Attending an event?

Don't forget to take pictures and post them to your favorite social media. Remember to use our event hashtags: #GoBananas, #TestYourEarsAt60Years, #CampaignforBetterHearingUS #HearingCareIsHealthcare #CFBH


Want Your Event to Go Bananas?

Our participating offices across the country are happy to host an informative table that encourages the public to focus on their hearing health. For logistical reasons, we prioritize events in communities where our offices are present.

Invite the Campaign for Better Hearing to have a booth at your next event.

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Get started by finding a participating location near you. With over 600 locations across the United States, there's a convenient hearing center ready to welcome you.