World Hearing Day

Identifying hearing loss and focusing on prevention on World Hearing Day 2019


Learn about hearing loss on World Hearing Day

World Health Organization

Each year on March 3rd, the World Health Organization (WHO) encourages individuals and medical professionals all over the world to focus on identifying hearing loss and learning how to hearing loss prevention. The Campaign for Better Hearing is pleased to join WHO's program, as our mission is to encourage people age 60 and older to have an annual hearing assessment.


Who should be concerned about hearing loss?

The Campaign for Better Hearing advocates for hearing loss identification, offering free hearing assessments* for everyone. This is an important mission as hearing loss impacts one third of the world’s population over 65 years of age.1 As people live longer, and hearing loss being more prevalent in later life, recognizing the symptoms of hearing loss, and taking early action is key for successful outcomes.


What does untreated hearing loss do?

One of the main messages from WHO is that more people should get their hearing tested. Untreated hearing loss can cause serious health conditions, such as depression, isolation, stress and it has been associated with dementia. In addition, as a result of higher unemployment2 and lower quality of life, it can be a financial burden.

Focus on prevention

Whether a result of natural wear and tear, damage afflicted by noise or a medical condition, hearing loss can affect anyone at any age. This is the World Hearing Day 2019 encourages people of all ages to check their hearing from regularly. They also call for people to practice safer listening. That means:

  • Turn it down! Listen to music or the TV at a safe volume
  • Give your ears a break! If you like loud music, step into a quieter space to let your ears rest.
  • Use protection! If you work in a loud work environment or noisy hobbies, like riding motorcycles, ATVs, boating or shooting, consider investing in higher-end noise canceling ear plugs.


Test your ears at 60 years on World Hearing Day (and through the year)

The Campaign for Better Hearing offers free hearing assessments* at participating hearing care practices across the country. In addition, the Campaign is informing and educating communities across the country about hearing health and the dangers of untreated hearing loss. We are even making hearing aids accessible to those who otherwise could not afford them via our give-back program.

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Attending an event?

Our participating practices attend local events across the country. To find out more information check out our events page.

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