Hearing Aid Recipients

Nothing feels better than being able to help people hear well. That's why the Campaign is pleased to announce our latest recipients of free hearing aids from across the United States. We hope you'll read and enjoy their inspiring stories on their journey to better hearing.

This Month's Featured Recipient

Robert Rozek

Cluster, WI

Robert Rozek has been a customer at HearingLife for many years. He has a severe to profound hearing loss in his left ear and a profound loss in his right ear. He was wearing two different hearing aids, one of which was seven years older than the other, as he could only afford one device at a time. That’s why the team at HearingLife in Stevens Point, WI was pleased to present him with a pair of free hearing aids.

Hearing loss means missing out on meaningful conversations

Robert has worked in noisy environments for most of his adult life, and he is also genetically predisposed to hearing loss. Robert found himself really struggling to understand speech clearly, since his devices had become very worn out and were no longer able to help him meet his hearing needs. As the primary caregiver to his wife, who has multiple health issues, and a regular caregiver to his granddaughter, he needed to be able to hear so that he could attend to their needs. He was also missing out on meaningful conversations with family as a result of his hearing loss.

Robert tried Oticon Opn™ technology and was amazed by the difference. He is excited about the advances in technology since his last set of outdated devices, and is also pleased that the devices are rechargeable. Robert’s new hearing aids have enabled him to resume being the very caring family man that he is!

Congratulations, Robert!


Previous Hearing Aid Recipients

October 4, 2020

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Kristin Kugel

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September 1, 2020

Jimmy Wells

Meet Jimmy Wells Lilburn, GA Jimmy is 78 years old and has been a patient at HearingLife for more than 13 years. Jimmy worked as a home builder for most of his life, until his wife was diagnosed with cancer and his world was turned upside down. Medical bills began piling up, and Jimmy did everything – including sell his […]
August 29, 2020

David Burrowbridge

Meet David Burrowbridge Wautoma, Wisconsin Sixty-nine-year-old David has been suffering from Hearing Loss since he was five years old. Throughout his life, David has only ever had one hearing aid, never consistently over time, and never a pair for both ears at the same time. His level of hearing loss has made simple things in his life very difficult, including […]
August 22, 2020

Jack Spurgeon

Meet Jack Spurgeon Gadsden, AL Jack Spurgeon is a warrior! Having survived many of life’s greatest challenges, including major health issues caused by an assault, Jack’s hearing aids will certainly help improve Mr. Spurgeon’s quality of life. The team at HearingLife in Gadsden was happy to hear that this widower and single father of five would receive free hearing aids. […]
August 12, 2020

Mellody Kaiser

Meet Mellody Kaiser Elyria, OH Mellody Kaiser spends a lot of time communicating with young people. She teaches financial literacy and math to students in 6th to 9th grades at Albert Einstein Academy in North Olmstead, OH. In the past, she couldn’t hear students’ questions well, which made her job difficult. Hearing aids make teaching easier even as masks cover […]
July 16, 2020

Carissa Bell

Carissa Bell Greeley, Colorado Born with a genetic disorder, Carissa Bell has had to work hard to overcome her challenges, including hearing loss. Now in her early 30s and lacking high-quality hearing aids, Carissa struggled with communication. She couldn’t hear the movies she loves. Fortunately, the team at HearingLife in Greeley, CO was able to fit her with just the […]
May 6, 2020

Richard LoDuca

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