Hearing Aid Recipients

Nothing feels better than being able to help people hear well. That's why the Campaign is pleased to announce our latest recipients of free hearing aids from across the United States. We hope you'll read and enjoy their inspiring stories on their journey to better hearing.

This Month's Featured Recipient

Michelle Graves

Wooster, OH

Michelle Graves is our Wooster, OH recipient for the Campaign for Better Hearing Give Back Program. Michelle, who is a criminal justice recovery coach, finds it difficult to hear her clients due to her mild-to-moderate sensorineural hearing loss. Due to the pandemic, virtual and telephone meetings have increased. When these meetings are held in person, masks are worn, causing Michelle to have a hard time reading lips. Michelle needs to be able to communicate with her clients so they know she supports them, but it has become difficult due to hearing loss.

Michelle’s personal life has also been affected by her hearing loss. She hopes to be able to hear whispers, listen to television at a lower volume and, most importantly, understand her grandchildren and other family members when they speak to her.

“All these things might seem meaningless to someone that can hear,” said Michelle, “but for someone like me, it would make my heart smile just being able to feel included in a group conversation.”

After hearing her story, HearingLife decided to gift Michelle with brand-new hearing aids. New hearing aids will allow Michelle to serve her clients and speak with her family with even greater confidence.

Congratulations, Michelle!


Previous Hearing Aid Recipients

July 19, 2021

George Muldrow

Meet George Muldrow from Garner, NC. George has been customer of the Garner, NC HearingLife office since 2009. In 2015, he was finally able to purchase a pair of hearing devices. George tried to purchase new devices three years ago, but just couldn't afford them.
July 19, 2021

Elyssa Taylor

Meet Elyssa Taylor York, Pennsylvania Elyssa Taylor has had hearing loss since childhood. At the time, her parents were unable to get her proper hearing care. She is now an elementary Special Education teacher. Her job is to help young students with developmental disabilities learn how to read. At times, she finds that the kids get embarrassed or upset at […]
May 18, 2021

Germaine McKinney

Meet Germaine McKinney Grand Rapids, MI Germaine is a young man that was born with a hearing loss. His hearing has continued to decrease over the years and he has not had access to sound for many years due to financial burdens. He has lost clarity in his speech. His hearing disability has limited his social and employment opportunities. Due […]
April 6, 2021

Robert Rozek

Meet Robert Rozek Cluster, Wisconsin, WI Robert Rozek has been a customer at HearingLife for many years. He has a severe to profound hearing loss in his left ear and a profound loss in his right ear. He was wearing two different hearing aids, one of which was seven years older than the other, as he could only afford one […]
March 5, 2021

Tomi Lehner

Meet Tomi Lehner Northglenn, CO The Campaign for Better Hearing is pleased to provide free hearing aids to single mom Tomi Lehner from Northglenn, Colorado. Tomi’s career as a case manager at the Salvation Army’s homeless shelter, Crossroads, means she is constantly giving back to others in need. That’s why it’s extra special that Michael Langer, Hearing Instrument Specialist, and […]
March 5, 2021
Makenna L, hearing aid recipient

Makenna L.

Meet Makenna L. Las Vegas, NV Makenna is a brave six-year-old girl in first grade who came into our HearingLife office in Las Vegas, NV for monitoring of her hearing due to chemotherapy. She had noticed some ringing in her ears and felt that maybe she wasn’t hearing as well as before. Makenna was more patient and still during tympanogram, […]
December 15, 2020

Paul LaPlant

Meet Paul LaPlant Shawano, WI As a father of four and outdoorsman, Paul LaPlant has a full life. However, major health issues have left him unable to work and his hearing has declined significantly, impacting his overall well-being. Paul missed hearing his wife’s voice. He longed to hear the nuances of his children’s laughter, the sounds of leaves crackling in […]
December 15, 2020

Joseph McManus

Meet Joseph McManus Milford, Massachusetts The Campaign for Better Hearing is pleased to announce that Joseph McManus of Massachusetts has received free hearing aids through the Campaign’s Give Back Program. Congratulations, Joseph!
November 15, 2020

Bonnie Bailey

Meet Bonnie Bailey Hutchinson, Kansas The Campaign for Better Hearing is pleased to announce that Bonnie Bailey of Kansas has received free hearing aids through the Campaign’s Give Back Program. Congratulations, Bonnie!